Paint Overspray Removal Companies-Cost vs. Price

Overspray Removal Companies-Considerations

When evaluating overspray removal companies, it is crucial to understand the difference between “cost” and “price.”

Typical overspray scenarios frequently involve responsible parties that select the company that quotes the lowest price.  The result?  A lack of understanding about variables that affect costs wind up leading to a claim that is higher in expense than the allowance made for overspray removal services.

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Reputable Overspray Removal Companies Dont Chase Ambulances

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In most industries, solicitation is looked upon as an unethical practice.  Rightfully so, and it should be no different in the overspray removal industry.

But unfortunately, solicitation of additional claims, usually by canvassing the vicinity where the original claim occurred, is a common practice within the overspray community.

It happens too frequently, and comes about most often in one of the following ways:

Turning technicians