Overspray Claims-Insurance Coverage Issues


If an overspray accident does occur, is the painter/contractor covered? Unfortunately, many business owners discover too late that their existing insurance policy may not adequately cover an overspray loss.

Inadequate insurance coverage for large overspray claims can do more than put a strain on a business… it can put you out of business! It is crucial that contractors take the time to read the fine print and discuss their… Continue reading

Overspray Removal from Trim and Molding

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Vehicle contamination (paint, cement, emissions etc) claims, often require trim and accessory replacement.

Our unique ability to restore vehicle trim and accessories eliminates the need for additional services and provides significant cost savings Continue reading

Paint Overspray Claim Management Tip-Liability Issues

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It is not unusual for a painting contractor to find an overspray problem to be the responsibility of another contractor. Continue reading

Reputable Overspray Removal Companies Dont Chase Ambulances

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In most industries, solicitation is looked upon as an unethical practice.  Rightfully so, and it should be no different in the overspray removal industry.

But unfortunately, solicitation of additional claims, usually by canvassing the vicinity where the original claim occurred, is a common practice within the overspray community.

It happens too frequently, and comes about most often in one of the following ways:

Turning technicians