How to Choose a Qualified Overspray Removal Company-Tip #1 Conduct a Professionalism Vendor Check

Overspray Removal Companies-Considerations

Tip #1 Conduct a Professionalism Vendor Check

Overspray damage is not exactly your everyday “garden variety” vehicle claim.  If this is the first time the vehicle’s owner has experienced such a loss, no doubt the claimant is going to be extremely cautious. They might even be a little skeptical of the idea that their beloved vehicle (now inconveniently spattered end-to-end with horrible ugly gray concrete blobs) can safely be restored via overspray removal procedures.

First impressions are crucial in establishing credibility with claimants.  It’s imperative that the vendor selected to handle the overspray portion of the claim present a professional image.

Factors to consider:

1)      What is your own general impression regarding the level of professionalism you experienced speaking with the service representative?

2)      Does the service provider’s website reflect both professionalism and technical expertise in the overspray removal process?

3)     Coverage Protections, request a copy of their workers compensation and general liability policy.

4)      Is the company a BBB accredited organization?

5)      Does the service provider routinely perform staff background checks?  If the answer is yes, are records of background check logs available for review?

First impressions are foremost with these types of claims.  Statistically speaking, the paint & body folks at the local high-end dealership are most definitely eager to offer an expensive complete repaint quote.  Selecting a competent Overspray Removal company with a professional image is a great initial step towards minimizing claimant skepticism about restoration options.

Experienced in educating vehicle owners on the topic, a knowledgeable overspray vendor is the first line of defense against the likelihood of a costly full paint job and/or molding replacement expectations.

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