Overspray Claim Management-Cash Settlements

Overspray Claim Management

If you are intent on minimizing the cost of overspray removal claims, you must avoid the urge to offer cash settlements.   News of the potential for cash turns people into negotiators more concerned with what they can get than simply “making it right.”

It’s tempting to think that by offering overspray claimants a few dollars, they will go on their merry ways and the claim will go away right along with them.  But if overspray claims were this easy to deal with, paint overspray removal companies simply wouldn’t exist.

Once you start offering cash, people will show up with their hands outstretched, even the ones who couldn’t care less about a little overspray on their older-model cars.  Worse yet, news of cash settlements always travels fast, and you will find that neighboring locations that “might” have been affected by overspray are suddenly overflowing with multiple cases that need immediate attention.

There is one exception to the no-cash rule.  If you have one or two individuals whose cars require additional work, you might consider offering as compensation.  But in such situations, it is critical to wait until all other affected cars are addressed and signed off; otherwise, you’ll quickly be facing the “me too” scenarios described above.

Still drawn in by the allure of an easy, “make it go away” cash settlement?  Go ahead and give it a try.  It will be a great exercise in expanding the cost of your overspray claim instead of reducing it.

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