Paint Overspray Removal Companies-Cost vs. Price

Overspray Removal Companies-Considerations

When evaluating overspray removal companies, it is crucial to understand the difference between “cost” and “price.”

Typical overspray scenarios frequently involve responsible parties that select the company that quotes the lowest price.  The result?  A lack of understanding about variables that affect costs wind up leading to a claim that is higher in expense than the allowance made for overspray removal services.

Many key factors can enter into the final cost of an overspray claim.  Several of them result because of an ill-advised choice after reviewing overspray removal companies.  Pick the wrong one, and you could be exposed to increased claim costs for reasons like these:

1)      The “me too” factor: proper handling of an overspray claim requires discretion.  Overspray providers that openly advertise their offerings with signs on their vehicles can attract unwanted attention to the situation.  This often results in elevated claim costs as fresh, “me too” casualties line up for their piece of the pie.

2)      Inexperience with molding restoration: replacing body trim and molding is often more expensive than completely repainting a car; in fact, depending on the model,  the cost can run up into the thousands.  If the choices of overspray removal companies include firms that are not experts at proper handling of trim and molding, unnecessary cost can be added to the overspray claim.

3)      Inexperience with hostile claimants: successful handling of an overspray situation is dependent not only on expert restoration of cars, but also on the ability to communicate effectively with claimants about the service they should expect to receive.  This results in unreasonable demands, outright refusal to consider overspray removal, and in the end, higher expense for everyone involved.

4)      Lack of management skills: proper handling of an overspray claim involves precise scheduling and communication with numerous parties, all with different and conflicting agendas.  Improper scheduling can become a nightmare that results in having to deploy removal crews multiple times to different locations, leading to expanded aggravation and greater cost.

5)      Lack of professionalism: poor (or non-existent) web presence, removal crews that don’t wear uniforms, inferior product literature and a general lack of professionalism all contribute to adverse customer reactions.  Often, such voids in professionalism will encourage claimants to turn paint overspray work over to body shops, which typically lead to more expense.

6)      Improper documentation: when work is complete, reputable overspray removal companies will require claimants to sign a release form that confirms the service was performed as agreed.  It will include a release of liability for the responsible party, which prevents claimants from returning later for additional compensation.

7)      Lack of specialized overspray removal skill: damaged molding, swirl marks, and residual overspray remaining on mold and trim can all be casualties of “cheap” service providers.  Such poor performance reduces confidence in overspray removal companies in general, and at that point the claimant may insist that a body shop step in and take over.  When that happens, costs inevitably go up, as body shops tend to recommend complete paint jobs and molding restoration.

Factors like these can easily turn an attractive-looking price into a cost-overrun nightmare.  If you find yourself in a situation where you require overspray removal services, consider these factors carefully.  Your evaluation and selection of the right firm will make the difference between a seamless experience and an expanding source of stress and unnecessary expense.

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