Reputable Overspray Removal Companies Dont Chase Ambulances

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In most industries, solicitation is looked upon as an unethical practice.  Rightfully so, and it should be no different in the overspray removal industry.

But unfortunately, solicitation of additional claims, usually by canvassing the vicinity where the original claim occurred, is a common practice within the overspray community.

It happens too frequently, and comes about most often in one of the following ways:

Turning technicians into “ambulance chasers”

The overspray removal community is a small group.  As such, the activities of the companies within it are highly transparent, and those activities are not always honorable.  The practice of encouraging paint removal technicians to solicit new business by visiting locations nearby the original overspray incident is not only dishonorable.  It is also damaging to the reputation of the industry and the personnel within it.

Technicians turning into entrepreneurs

Even if an overspray removal company does the right thing and prohibits solicitation, unscrupulous technicians may take the bull by the horns themselves and solicit business directly.  Since most technicians are paid in relationship to their per-car production, there is a built-in incentive to solicit business outside the list of qualified claims.  Trustworthy overspray removal companies avoid this problem by requiring employees to sign non-competition, non-solicitation agreements that impose a legal obligation to steer clear of solicitation.

In the paint overspray removal arena, solicitation can turn into an ugly situation from a cost perspective.  Make sure you do your research and learn all you can about the policies of the company you intend to hire.  The right one will be more concerned with covering your back than filling their wallet.

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